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Harmless is a one-woman-company, established in early 2023 with a mission to help businesses, organisations and governments to explore the potential of emerging technologies ethically.


We believe that technology can and should be good for all. We believe in human potential and good will, but we know that individuals cannot do it all alone. We are here to bring academic research into action. We help engineers build great software and encourage data scientists and analysts to align their work with doing good and reducing harm.


This work includes support in Ethical AI Governance, EU AI Act complianceQuantitative Risk Analysis, Responsible AI Training and CoudsesEthics-as-a-Service and Public Sector Digitalisation services.

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Our conception of justice englobes fairness, diversity, equity and inclusion. For us every individual is valuable and incredibly special, deserving equal opportunities and support they need to be happy.


We love to work with fellow humans and we want you to feel it. People are our number one priority when coaching and supporting your teams with building technologies.


Keeping an open, curious mind is a key for life-long learning. We believe that a curious mindset is a must-have for ethicists to truly understand the context in which we are working. We are constantly growing our capacity to help you even better.

Meet your consultant.

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Salla Westerstrand

Founder | AI Ethicist | She/her

AI ethicist with a mission. Westerstrand holds a Master of Social Sciences (Political Science) and Master of Arts (French language) degrees and is currently pursuing a PhD in Information Systems Sciences in Turku School of Economics. As part of Future Ethics research group, she is mapping the current ethical directions of AI and their potential impacts on democracy – in theory and in practice. Her ongoing work includes a deep dive in the EU AI Act and developing a Ethical AI Governance model.


Besides information systems, political science and humanities, Westerstrand has an extensive academic background in business studies (strategy, HR and management, business law) from Finland and abroad. Before Harmless, Westerstrand has accumulated experience in developing tools for businesses to better harness the competitive advantage of data economy, all by keeping humans happy.


Westerstrand is a Tech Steward, volunteering with All Tech is Human. She is AI Ethics and Communications Lead in Women in AI Finland.